Meet Our Staff


Ms Jenny

 Ms. Jenny is the Director at Mt. Calvary. She enjoys camping/boating  during the warm summer months with her family- Ron, Allysen, Alexa, and  Aubree! She also loves shopping!! A couple of her favorite items to shop  for are SHOES and CHOCOLATE! Ms. Jenny has been working in education  for over 20 years and absolutely loves it! 


Ms. Lori

 Ms. Lori is the Teacher/Assistant Director at Mt. Calvary. Ms. Lori  enjoys spending time with her family- Chris, Caleb, and Noah. Some of  her hobbies are: camping, swimming, and reading. One of her favorite  places to visit when she is not teaching is Silver Lake. Ms. Lori's  passion is working with children which has spanned over the last 20  years. 


Ms. Michelle

 Ms. Michelle is considered our "veteran" around Mt. Calvary. She has  been working here longer than any other staff member! Ms. Michelle opens  our Center every  day and also works in our 3's & 4's preschool  classes. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family!  Especially cheering on her son -Dylan at his football games. She also  has a husband Jay and 3 gorgeous girls- Kayla, Samantha, and Bella. 


Ms. Mackenzie

Ms Mackenzie joined the Mt. Calvary family this past summer. I started by volunteering for class credit. When I am not working, I attend an early college program at MCC. I will graduate this coming Spring with both my diploma and an associates college degree! In my spare time, I like to go fishing!


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Ms. Cassandra

 Ms. Cassie found us when she was doing her college observation a bit  ago. We are so happy she decided to work with all of us after she  graduated from Baker College. Ms. Cassie works each day in the  afternoons both with our Y5’s class and childcare kiddos. She enjoys  spending time with her baby girl- Aliviah and her son Hunter. They both  keep her pretty busy! 


Ms Megan

 My name is Ms. Megan. I enjoy spending time with my husband Doug and our  2 fur babies- Bella & Mya. A “fun fact” about me is that I have 17  nieces & nephews!! They keep me very busy! Some of my favorite  things to do are shopping, camping, going to the beach, being outdoors,  and WATCHING BASEBALL- GO TIGERS!! I love my job as a childcare worker.  Watching the “kiddos” learn and grow is amazing. You will see me in all 3  preschool classes this year. 


Ms. Mariah

 Hello, I'm Mariah! You will see me in the afternoons. I do have some  child development and absolutely LOVE children! An interesting fact  about me is that I know how to speak Spanish...AND I have been to  Guatemala before:) I am very excited to be working here! 


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